MS is evil

Not as if that’s a surprise to anyone who knows me and hears my complaints about it. But the whole heat intolerance thing with humidity changes from going outside while steaks are cooking on the grill to inside, where it’s cooler and less humid, but the change makes MS play games and I feel nauseous and my appetite is gone.

So yes, people were kinda peeved about things, which I understand and all.. trust me, I was more peeved, I wanted a steak, but no, I get feeling like I’m going to throw up and suddenly tired enough to call but a night at 8pm.

As I’ve said before and will continue saying, I hate MS. Yes, it’s not as bad as before the transplant, things aren’t getting worse, but I still have to deal with what damage MS did pre-tansplant.

And deep breath..

Well, the steak went in the fridge for me to have for lunch or dinner today. I had wanted to snag it to take for breakfast, but Luna wasn’t allowing me to get upstairs while mom wasn’t around, so I just get to wait.

I’ve done the watering stuff outside past of the morning, which was great at 58 out there. Only a few more weeks until this 80s for highs mess is done and cooler weather is more regular. Cooler weather, snow not too far behind.. yay!! We got snow on Halloween last year, let’s see if we can do it again.

Cooler weather I can deal with and actually become an almost functional human being. Almost functional human… Oh the dreams of little ol me.

When the coffee kicks in shortly, I’ll head back outside and put more of the metal ties on the fence to keep it in place. It’s an old fence, stuff has been worn away, so I’ll just make things more better.

Today, mom wants to get some more stuff at the hardware store, grass seed, hose, hose hanger for the side of the house.. stuff. Then get more stuff going to make the lawn all good, just in time for Autumn. But it will be ready for next Spring and look great as it does.

But now, coffee, then fence stuff, then nap. Busy morning.. kinda. Not as busy as the last few, so yay for that part.


And more watering

Same old same old.. kinda like quarantine day again.

Wake, decide to crawl out of bed, feed cats, get day going. Watering outside is step one, and since today is an every other day, get the tree soaking for about 10 min or so.

Tree soaking and watering can in front, watering can for a couple things on back, and then…

Use the hose on the west side of the house, with the sprayer nozzle to get the rest. Plants, grass seeded soil with the fertilizer/bird and animal deterrent stuff on top. And yes, I had fun trying different sprayer nozzle settings to reach different spots. Fun while I learn what I need to do what I want to do.. gotta love it!

There’s another nozzle thing to put in the hose for the front, which I’ll use tomorrow to get what I do out there. I could’ve used it today, I just didn’t want to dig for it to put it on, the other was on already, do it was easy to just use.

And now today’s begun. 6:30 just now, I’m up and ready for… Keeping busy until the rest of the house awakens in a few hours. Binge MacGuyver and poke around online. Maybe take a walk up to the gas station or Dollar General when it opens at 8. I figure it out.

Today will be another K and grandma day, so I’ll be pet sitting and cleaning stuff.. laundry, vacuuming, whatever else. You know, all the stuff that gets put to the side when family visits and stuff. Since family is visiting and there’s still a lot to be sorted through if D’s stuff, I’ll have to be careful as I take it extra to get extra clean. D’s stuff is in the other room and all, but who knows what gets out over conversations and thinking, we all do it, I just need to be careful.

And since today’s high is slated to be 77, I think Luna will love a nice long walk after mom leaves. It’ll be good exercise for both of us. And then she can run around the backyard as I clean inside with the vacuum that drives her crazy. Maybe her buddy dog next door, Nadja will be out for them to do their puppy girl talk.

Maybe a trip to a couple different things in town later, but I guess that depends on how the out and about goes with mom and K. And tomorrow will see us taking K to meet my sis halfway for K to go home.

Then mom and I have cleaning up stuff, taking stuff to resale, getting stuff at the hardware store, doing this and that… There’s no lack of stuff to do. I’m just not looking forward to the on coming high 80s this weekend for us to be doing yardwork in.. come on cooler weather! I miss you and need you back as soon as possible!!

Stuff to go here and there will wait until the house wakes, as I don’t want to wake the ferocious Luna. So for now, I’ll stay put and maybe just crawl back into bed.. hmmmm… That does sound good suddenly.

Today part two will be in a few hours, after I get back up and everyone is moving/awake.


Is it bedtime yet?

I know it’s 10:30 am and there are some who haven’t even woken yet, but I’m worn and ready to sleep for 8 hours.

Wake, get garbage cans, poop scoop after Luna before I mow, cut the front and back yard, use the trimmer to make the front look better, then come inside, plug in the batteries to charge, and sit down all melty like.

Cool down and become more human, clean up, then sleep.. that’s my current plan.

There is a plan to hit the hardware store for a few things, but if I’m asleep, I’m sure mom and K can get stuff without me. I’d like the whole getting out thing, and I’m sure I’d be made useful moving bags of fertilizer and stuff. So I’ll cool down, rest a bit, and get coffee going for energy to do more today.

Though, I may well turn in early like I did last night. K was making some sausages for dinner, and I wanted them, but it was 7:45 and I was falling asleep.. so I had to excuse myself and get to bed before I fell asleep.. and I did so pretty quickly.

Exciting entry, I know, me talking about how tired I am.

In the good news part.. it’s not even 70 outside yet! So I didn’t melt as fast or as much as usual when mowing. The season’s changing, temps are stopping, it’ll soon be J friendly weather all the time! Another month to go, according to the long range forecasts.

Then it’ll be cooler, Halloween will be here before we know it, my BD four days after that, Thanksgiving and snow, Christmas, New Year.. and hopefully this covid mess will be done by then.

Oh… For the curious.. the package from Tinley Park I got yesterday, it was from the Tinley Park Amazon warehouse.. duh. Hey, I haven’t been that way in a bit and haven’t lived out there in like 25 years now, so I’m allowed to be unaware of its existence.

Ok, feeling almost human. Let’s check the charge of the batteries, clean up, maybe get some breakfast in me. And more coffee to get more will to do anything else today.


A reel-y big show.. lol

Yeah, hose reel, reel-y big show… It sounded better when I was thinking about it.


Hose reel for the hose I use to water the tree. It just took a minute to get it going right. It was all hooked up right at the beginning, if just wanted to make the water mess you see before it worked right.

The mess had me just hook up the hose to the faucet like usual as I watered everything else. It worked, and I thought we may have a return coming for the reel. But I hooked it back up after I got the everything else part, and it worked fine, like it was supposed to. I guess it just needed to wake up. 😉

Happy little birch tree getting it’s morning feast from a hose reel that was finally working properly.

Later will be the monthly Walmart run, always fun trip to get out and see many interesting people at times. I’m not judging or anything, it’s just that Walmart seems to bring out some interesting folks at times, shopping for the low prices, I’m sure.

But we do the get in, get what is needed, maybe look a little, and get out of the madhouse. Especially with the whole covid thing anymore. Do what you need and get out.

Kinda why I completely understand Amazon and everyone else seeing increased online sales, less human interaction, less chance for catching something you don’t want to catch.

But there are just some things you want to get by hand, like groceries. I understand the whole buying groceries online idea, but the reality tells me horror stories of expired food being delivered still, and I want to avoid that mess. So picking out my own food is still something to do for me.

Oooooo.. USPS, UPS, and Amazon tell me I’ve got lots of goodies coming today. I know what the USPS and Amazon things are, the UPS stuff I have no clue. Something sent all the way from Tinley Park it looks like, and while I may know a few people in Tinley from the used to live right there thing, I have no idea what it could be. Unless it’s some kind of 25th High School reunion thing.. that’d be from Tinley Park.. hmmmm

Anyway, stuff’s watered, Walmart in a couple hours, then more digging up roots in that corner of the back yard and planting stuff outside. Family fun! Yay!

Ok, let’s get my shopping list legible and ready to go.


Wash it all!!

Monday, blah.. first Monday of the month, so wash everything. Make it all pretty and clean, look and smell better for the month to come. And whatever else today has in store.

Yup, there’s my day, wash, clean, maybe some yard work in a little bit as the wash stuff runs, then whatever else is in store. Mom wants to do this and that with K, stuff like visiting Aunt J and going to the nursery.. stuff I can do wash and yardwork here while they go oot and aboot.

People are still asleep, so I’m being quiet as I do things, and when the house gets moving, we’ll see what today has in store.

Laundry, yard work, and stuff.. there’s my Monday. The plan to do a Walmart or Target run is still drifting out there somewhere, so we’ll see how that changes plans. The day could turn around, see store runs happen, and nursery plans tomorrow maybe.. you just don’t really know what’s going to happen until it does happen.

I think laundry load #2 is awaiting me, so I’ll get that going, see what else needs washing, then head outside to clean up some root mess in the corner I cleaned out the other day.

Wash, clean, clean, clean.. it’s a Monday.


Another early rise

Been up since about 5, woke up, saw the time, couldn’t get back to sleep. Was going to water stuff, but saw the rain on the concrete, and that wasn’t needed. So up and at whatever at 5.

Feed cats, get MacGuyver going with CBS All Access, and get the very needed coffee going. And now I’m backing up some stuff on the computer as I do the monthly cleaning of that stuff. So laptop’s going it’s thing as MacGuyver does his thing, as I write this.

Yesterday’s cleaning that corner of the yard was good, and when R and K got here, they started some sorting through stuff as I napped to recover from my working outside in that humidity. I know D would have smiled seeing me doing the stuff outside while I was dripping sweat, so it was partly to make him smile.. well, his memory smile.

I got up to a trip to the Antique Mall to check out the sale in the lot they were having.. three days in a row going there! After that, we got Culver’s for an early dinner, then cans back and more going through boxes of stuff.

Lots of stuff, lots of memories. D will be missed.

A few times, a hat, gloves, a mug is made for him with a pic of us kids from his and mom’s wedding, a cross, and some Deep Woods Off wipes, because mosquitoes love me too much. My little collection of hand me downs from yesterday’s sorting, and there was a lot more for everyone else to have momentos from D.

A lot more to go through, papers to be shredded/tossed/burned, boxes of stuff, a lot of clothes yet to be sorted and either passed on or be taken to resale/goodwill/whatever. But we’re making it through the stuff a little at a time. We just need to get things done to more completely cope and all. We’ll get there, I just hope it’s not ever too hard.

Today’s tentative schedule has getting grass seeds and lawn stuff at Home Depot, yard work outside, hoping the rain isn’t still going, and maybe a little more sorting through stuff. If it’s raining, I see sorting happening.

K is staying over for a few days.. time with Grandma, to help with whatever, to get away from life.. or something like that. It’ll be a couple days with her and grandma and I’ll be here if they need help.

Oh, I keep meaning to share sights from the Antique Mall, so here you go..

Sometimes it’s easier to take pictures than to find places and money for things. 🙂

Ok, still a couple hours before mass via FB, then going out and about for stuff with the ladies.


Too many thoughts

Full head of thoughts this morning. Luckily SSDI hit the bank this morning, so a walk to think and grab coffee was in order.

But then life happened.. it may still be under 70 out there, but it is as humid as heck. So yeah, I was a mess when I got back, and I’m returning to an actual human being now. I am sooooo ready for cooler weather, just another month and a half to go until it’ll be regularly under 70. 🙂

But the too much thinking part.. today is two months. Two months since D left us. I can see today being a tough day for mom and everyone else. But we will try to remember the good, try to smile, and try to make the best of things.

So yeah, more outside stuff is on the schedule today after R and K, my sis and niece, get here later. Mom has stuff to plant, stuff to get taken down (my job), and the stuff inside to sort through. Full day ahead.

The yard work M and I did yesterday was only like the first half of taking down the stuff in the south west corner of the yard. It was long, warm, and messy, but we got a lot done. There’s just more to be gotten done, and I was told it’ll be my job to get it today. I’ll head out in a bit to get going on it, if mom doesn’t wake and want a grocery store run like she’d said last night could happen so we have stuff when the gang gets here.

Lots of cleaning and remembering today.

D is missed, he was a great guy. Let’s keep going and keep in mind the good stuff. 🙂


This, that, the other thing done, for now

Fed cats, got coffee ready, watered things outside, and now I rest. Watching MacGuyver (the classic guy) via CVS All Access, fan going to cool me down, and Pop tarts waiting to become breakfast. There’s my morning so far in a nutshell.

And this is after the fun last night. The 5pm choice to get the lawn was different, but the weather was right (75) and I heard a neighbor getting theirs, so I went for it.

I got it done, it looks great, I even had a fan club watching me out front. That’s Buck on the other side of the front window by the door. He wanted to see what fun I was having outside.. he is the one always trying to get out, and occasionally succeeding in it.

I did end up becoming a liquid being once again, but I again succeeded in solidifying with the help of AC, ice packs, and lots of cold cold water. Lots of practice dealing with the heat intolerance, so it’s just a punk until I get it under control.. usually. Oh, how I want cooler weather to get here soon!!

High of 72 on Tuesday and 70 on Wednesday… That’s what I’m talking about, and I will love it!!! Only a few more weeks until it drops more, until low 70s are the highs, until it drops more and the temps will work with me!! I won’t become a sweaty mess by simply walking outside. 🤗

Maybe we’ll get a white Halloween like last year! That was fun, and I’m sure the kids loved it, I know I did. Mmm… Snow.. I think if I can conjure thoughts of snow, I’ve cooled down a bit.

Mom’s plans today include going back to the resale mall for a big clock face she saw yesterday and almost got. She now knows where she wants to put it, just hopes it’s still there when we get back. Shye excited like a little kid, it’s nice to see after events of the last few months.

Door painting is also in the plans today. She wants to paint the front door a nice bright red. It’ll look nifty, and I think it’s influenced by all the HGTV she watches. She’s always been a handy carpenter’s daughter, but now she wants to have fun with things, and I like seeing that. As I said, it’s a good thing after the last few months.

Sister and K are stopping by tomorrow. To help with going through stuff, planting stuff outside (grandma/granddaughter fun), helping with whatever, and to say hi and see how things are going. It’ll be fun and a good time.

And yes, I heard the questions earlier, I did get stuff at the resale mall..

A couple movies I didn’t have for $3 each and a nice big Hershey mug for $10. I have a smaller Hershey mug that will go to Goodwill/resale, and this big guy is a great size of not so hot chocolate with marshmallows when it’s snowing outside.

Ok, let’s breathe and get the day going more. I’ve got stuff my sis might make use of, otherwise it’ll join my going to goodwill/resale pile. A pile I see and can think of things to add.. stuff I need to let go of. Like when I did that nice cleaning for spring/Lent.

Lets take a second look at edging from yesterday’s mow, trim whatever I may need, and go from there.


Yep, I was a tired one

I cans given for a nap at like 5 yesterday. I was tired, warm, exhausted.. just tired beyond tired. One of those your soul feels tired even type needs for a nap.

Well, I was out. Slept through dinner, through anything else.. got up this morning to feed the cats and the plants. I had been up for a couple hours, laying in bed.. one of those body mostly resting things because you don’t want to feed the cats too early and have them wanting dinner at noon.

But yeah, 5 until 5 in bed, 12 hours.. I was TIRED. I missed texts from mom asking if I was asleep or not when dinner was ready, a text from T, who knows what else.. but I got needed sleep. Sooo good. 🙂

I’d wanted to go and get a haircut today, since it’s been a few months with the covid thing going on. But now I kinda just want to sleep more, like as much as I can. I’m being greedy, I know.

Maybe a little more sleep, get a haircut after they open at 9, help mom with planting stuff outside, and maybe a Walmart trip in there somewhere. Though, with the covid mess, I’ll see what all I can get online and stuff, maybe eliminate or minimize the need for Walmart, this month at least. Though, I think things will get worse before they get better, so maybe just do Walmart full on now and get ready. We’ll see.

Though Dollar General opens at 8.. I could do the haircut at like 9, Dollar General on the way back, and maybe just get Walmart need out of the way. It’d be a whole lot less people to be around, which is good at this time. Hmmmm.. now I’m thinking too much, I guess I am awake.

Though we need the Walmart trip for things other than me, so maybe we’ll still do it. Again, thinking too much. The day will happen as it will, and things will work out.

The world, local world, is still waking up. Keep busy until haircut, plant things, Walmart maybe, and whatever else today has in store.

I need chocolate, there’s reason for Walmart… Mmmmmm….


*Edit* And then reality had to step in.

Warmer coming than predicted yesterday, so I’ll just hold off on the haircut until the high of 72/74 Mon or Tues. So coffee now, maybe Dollar General in a bit, then the rest of the day.

Back to today.

And breathe

Wake, cats, water stuff outside. Then mom leaves, then vacuum, then laundry, get dishwasher going, walk Luna. And now I am stopping and breathing. Warm from the quick walk with princess outside (77° out there now).

Now I’m sitting in the living room upstairs, watching STTNG on BBC America, and hearing the dishwasher run. And seeing that the rug could use a little more vacuuming.. it’s cleaner, just not as clean as I wanted it to be. I’ll get it after my resting.

That’s my day… clean while mom runs out with sister. She should be back in a couple hours, so Luna won’t go too crazy waiting. When mom gets back, I’m sure there’s stuff to be gone through, stuff to be sorted into toss or keep, donate or hold on to.

Lots of stuff, and when R and K get here to help go through stuff this weekend, I’m sure a lot of memories will come back, happy/sad/loving/all that jazz. It will quickly become a very full weekend, but in a good way, a saying goodbye to this and that weekend. I know there’s going to be more after that, but it’ll be a step on the road.

For now, crochet as I watch TV, check on laundry in a few, and enjoy the quiet of Luna big being in “Mom protect” mode. I like quiet. 🙂

Ok, let’s get laundry, do this, do that… Keep the day going.


Wake, cats fed, coffee ready, plants outside watered.. all before 7

Yeah, up and at them today. Get ‘er done. All that jazz. Just as long as I get it before the heat comes. Thus the early rising.. beat the heat.

Yesterday had more outside cleaning up the back porch than I had foreseen, so it did end up being an early night. Turned in around 8, cleaned up and got pretty for bed, and I see that texting with T shows me passing out a little after 9.

Do this, that, the other thing in the heat.. pizza for dinner because neither mom or I feel like cooking, then call it a night when stuffs cleaned up. Lots of cleaning yesterday, but things out back look great!

Great like they’re ready for my sis and her gang to visit this weekend, and we can hang out outside as the grill cooks food. It’ll be great, when I’m out there and not hiding inside from the heat.

Today though, I think there’s a plan to take some stuff to resale, then maybe some shopping to be ready for the weekend. Though I could be wrong, it happens. Though I know it’s stuff that needs to be done, just not sure when exactly.

Morning stuff (watering) is done, coffee is made, cars are fed, and I just now see highs in the 70s this weekend.. I like that! Maybe I can take Luna for a nice long walk with the girls when they get here, we will see.

Weather with highs in the 70s, I was thinking that wouldn’t be coming for a few more weeks, at least. I’m not used to the weather actually being on my side during the summer. I may have to see about grabbing extra stuff to grill outside when we don’t have people over, just so I can be outside during J friendly weather!

I’d normally talk about walking around town here and there during cooler weather, but aside from maybe a haircut, I think I’ll hold it in for a bit still. The whole covid mess just feels me to stay put and do what shopping I can via Amazon and whatever else online, and that monthly Walmart/grocery store with SSDI trip.

A haircut! And actual haircut, something other than the me taking the clippers and giving myself a nice buzz since everyone was closed when I needed a haircut.. flipping heat intolerance. In HS, I had the long hair on top and shaved sides that I cut myself, but now I can’t because it just holds in more heat than I can deal with.

I need that winning lotto ticket so I can move to northern Wisconsin and be cooler year round. Get a nice place in like Steven’s Point and live happily ever after. ❄️😀

Its just after 7 now, and I’m thinking a nap sounds great. A nap already at 7, though the coffee is telling me to stay up because I’ll be wide awake in a bit.

I’ve got stuff to do, so I’ll stay up and keep busy, as I take down lots of coffee.. mmmmm.


Possible rain

That’s today’s schedule.. chance of rain. A few sets ago, it looked like it would be all day rain today, but now it looks like it may drizzle a big here and there. It’s all because we gave grass seed out there waiting gif the monsoon to disk it and get it growing, right??

It’s usually rain every few days, but it’s been rather rainless lately. So yes, I’ve been watering every morning still and all, and because of that, paying closer notice to the lack of rain. The grass and stuff need rain, more water than the whole overnight condensation that happens each day.

So yeah, grass may be more a thing for the spring with all that is and isn’t happening just now. Which means snow to cover the ground before.. so maybe put seed down and cover with light soil before the first snow, then let it sit over the winter and get ready to make a spring time entrance. Maybe.. we’ll see what happens.

So yes, I was up nice and early around 6 to do watering while the temps outside was still something that wouldn’t melt me right away. I did the watering and noticed some grass seed had been taken by wild life, expected and all, but as I said, we need rain to get things growing before they take it all. Maybe we’ll get some rain over the next few days, or maybe it’ll be another dry week that had been forcast to have rain.

All I do know is that cooler fall weather is still another month away, so I’m not really in a rush to go out in the heat anymore, I’ve done enough of that the last few days. But, as I think about it now.. maybe tomorrow, I’ll do a little putting down of done more grass seed and putting dirt over it, do it right to get it done.

But now is laundry time. It’s Monday, it’s laundry day.

I’m up from the nap/back to sleep for a few after morning watering, and laundry is running now. Load one is, anyway.. exciting, I know. 😉

Laundry, crochet, help mom with some more going through stuff.. there’s today’s plan, as far as I know.

The going through stuff yesterday got a fold up bed and dresser into the back of the truck to bring to the resale place. We also put the other dresser in the family room down here into the guest room to have D’s clothes loaded into it. The clothes that didn’t need to be tossed, that us. There was stuff that needed to go.

But yeah, the going through things was rough. Memories of this and that coming here and there. A lot of great memories that are held close and will be missed.

*deep breath*

There’s still more to be sorted through, but we are only going do much at a time.. as much as we can. And yes, it’s rougher on mom, and I’m helping as I can, and staying back when I can see it’s needed.

I also need to do my whole monthly making of a shopping list for Walmart/Amazon/grocery store when SSDI comes in. Something to do as laundry runs, right?

The plywood that is functioning as a desktop as it sits atop my file cabinets.. I love how much room that opened up by getting rid of that falling apart desk. I just put it back, the paint it dry, and I like how it looks. 😎

Speaking of shipping list stuff… I have a whole lot of movies on DVD that I want to find a nice DVD rack for. The one I’m using now is a bookshelf, and it’s great and all, I just want you find something that works better. Maybe more hunting Amazon, eBay, and wherever else.

Ok, laundry switching time… Load 2 to go in as load one dries. The tough life of little ol’ me. 😉

I know today will have more, so I’m getting ready for whatever that may be. I just have this feeling something big is around the corner.. dunno what, just a feeling. It could be anticipation for that $1200 stimulus thing, it could be whatever else.. I just don’t know.

All I do know is I need more coffee before more laundry.


Shining before the sun

So I just laid in bed, waking more, until I decided to move because it was time for this and that. I think it was up and starting to functional around 5, up and out of bed at 6. I don’t want to start things too early, then the day goes faster and ends sooner.. not that early to bed isn’t a nice thought or anything, I just don’t want to chance waking mom or Luna too early, if feeding the cats too early and getting them used to that.

Anyway.. up and moving just before 6. Get ready for the day, feed cats, get coffee ready, then water stuff outside. And now the cats, the plants, and even little ol’ me, are all awake and going. Of course, the cats are probably back asleep by now, but the plants are waking up and happily drinking some fresh water as I drink my coffee and wake more fully.

In on the last season of Highlander: The Series, episode 4 just started. Only 14 this season, so I’ll pick movies to watch next before the end of the month leaving whichever streaming service. I’ve got a to watch list on the laptop, so I’ll look there.

I just did some last spray painting of the piece of plywood that will sit atop my filing cabinets to be my desk. It was fine unpainted and all, but paint it black and make it looked finished and more meant to be.. right? He sees some plywood and he wants to paint it black….

Uh oh.. I remember growing up and teasing my mom when she would make songs out of things like that. Now I’m doing it, I mean I have been for however long and all, I just realized I’m doing what I used to tease mom about. Lol 🙂

Anyway.. plywood is drying, I’ll check in it in an hour or so.

Mass online at 9:30.. the whole actual Catholic Mass online thing is like something out of a sci-fi movie/book. But here we are. It’s not quite the same without the priest actually being there for blessings and whatever else, but I did watch Father Manno at NIU Newman Center for Sunday mass last week on my TV. Church on TV.. not one of those “pray with me and send me money” things. I suppose it’s more akin to praying along with a recorded mass, which I am sure people have done. I’m thinking too much about it, I know.

The whole week of rain that had been scheduled for the last week never did happen. But there is some coming tomorrow that has been staying on the schedule, so we’ll enjoy that when it gets here, right? And then a lot of days without rain again.

And that’s the sound of the newspaper hitting my door. He’s early today! Usually it’s about 7:15ish, but this is a 6:50 delivery. D would’ve loved it, to go with his morning coffee and all.

*Deep breath*

Ok, I’ll get the paper, put it by the mail for mom, drink my coffee, and get on the the day.


Pretty tree

And see as the birch gets water and drinks in happiness. But again, the yard overflowed by the end and was leaking water onto the driveway. So I’ll just skip Monday’s tree watering and get back to it Wednesday.. maybe switch to doing it for ten min instead of 20. The birch is riverfront tree and loves water, but the ground can only hold so much.

That’s the day so far, rise, feed cats, get coffee going, get ready to go out to water stuff, do said watering, get me more ready for the day, sit, breathe, come here and write. I’m sitting now, so the move, move, move part of the morning is done.

And yes, you can see my freshly mown lawn in the pic above. 🤗 I did the edging/trimming thing like right after the last entry.. I knew I said I was going to wait, but I didn’t, I just wanted to be done.

And like as soon as I was done and ready to move again, mom came down and ran away with me to the store. Grocery store, and of course they were all packed. We ended up at the third option, as it seemed the least overflowing. So a scenic tour of the town as we looked for the best choice… Yeah.

And.. yesterday was National Tequila Day!! So we know I had to celebrate! That involved all of buying a bottle of Jose at the grocery store and taking a shot after we got back to the house. We were both wiped out from all of the everything we’ve been keeping busy with lately, so Jose helped me relax a little extra bit. 🙂

Today has plans for going through stuff in the house. Keeping cool inside while it gets warmer outside for the next couple days. There’s still a lot of D’s stuff that needs to be sorted and all of the jazz. It’s one of those things that can get emotional really quickly when you come across something with meaning, so doing it not all at once is the best option.

I just completely lost my train of thought.. thinking too much about what has been lost. About how much quieter it is around here anymore.. ominously quieter at times, like now, when D would be up getting coffee and reading the paper, Luna may or may not bark madly at him and get let out. Little things like that, stuff that becomes normal, that you miss smiling at when you hear the sounds of the ones you love.


There’s Roger Daltrey from The Who! Yep, it’s nifty seeing him in The Highlander. He’s a pinball wizard.. no, wait, that was Tommy. 😉

I’ve got crochet to keep me doing something until mom gets up and I help finish getting the bench outside back together fully, then go through more stuff inside. I can see it becoming a full and emotional day as we have to go through more of D’s stuff and decide what goes where and to whom.

Ok, let’s get going.


Not a solid form just now

I mowed the front and back, so with the joy of heat intolerance from MS, I’m not exactly solid just now. More a pool of mooshy jello. Done if my get buds may get that, but I think it was more a play/musical crew thing.. mooshy jello. Yeah.. anyway.

Grass is cut, yay! Now I cool down and then mom has a plan to go get that and this to do more with the yard and such.

I thought yesterday would be a day to chill and plan, but we did a lot out there. Mom did most of the work, I helped where I could, was muscle to move things as needed, and helped where I could.

It looks great and we have a pit for the fire thing you go in. Also some moving stuff and transplanting other stuff, putting down more grass seed as needed (spots I was sure to avoid as I mowed). The yard is looking good!

Im feeling almost human! Now to clean up and get pretty, then snag some lunch before we head out to get stuff to do more in the yard. Busy, busy.. and yes, I am so beyond ready for October and cool weather I can exist conformably in. AC and ice packs will help me get there.


Then life happens

Just as things are going smoothly, life has to change it.

I woke, got ready for the day, fed the cats, folded stuff in dryer, put wash load into dryer, my load into washer, watered stuff outside.. then came in to see the mess I made.

My wash load had some paper in a pocket of the shorts, and it made a nice wet mess in the washer. So, I took the wash load, got out what I could, threw it into the dryer, and cleaned the bits in the washer. A nice morning mess after I got water for all of the plants outside needing it. No good deed, right?? 😉

I should have checked the stuff before I just tossed it in to wash, my fault, but it’s cleaned now. I then threw a couple things that could stand washing in to get the last of whatever may come out. I made the mess, I’ll clean it up. The world will keep turning, and life will go on.

Speaking of watering… I got to water the finished stuff I put down and added seed to in the back fence. One of the things needed to keep Luna in the back yard and other animals out, a back fence they want just slip under.

Far away and up close. The green stuff is feed and nourishing stuff to get the grass going easier. It will hold the fence down and look pretty as it does! Yay!

I think mom said today will be a may low day, she also did a lot of work in the backyard, and more than I did since she can tolerate heat better than little ol me. The backyard is looking good. 👍

Mom had talked about going out for this and that tomorrow, beat the weekend rush. More soil, more seeds, more this, and more that. Lots of stuff outside and I’m helping as I can.. this flipping MS and heat intolerance.. just blah.

Anyway.. some stuff today, running oot and aboot tomorrow, and breathing in there somewhere as we do it all.

All I want is this heat mess to be gone and my cooler weather and snow to come back. I want stuff I can exist comfortably in!

Ok, laundry check time, then the rest of whatever today’s got coming.


And we relax

Watered stuff, took a walk to get milk/coffee/mega ticket, fed cats, got all purty for the day. Now I breathe and cool down.. nice and warm from all my running around first thing in the morning. But I looked at the time and temp, then figured I would get it done now, rather than wait and have it get warmer on me.

I needed to get milk, so that kinda started everything. Get out fast and grab it before it gets too warm for me. I hate this heat intolerance thing from MS, I really do. But when it’s negative temps outside, I’ll be the go to guy, the cold is my playground!! I want me my cold temps back!!!

Another month and a half, then things will start going down, it will be my weather again!! MS and heat intolerance make me all shriveled and sweaty in the summer, but the colder temps are my time to shine!!

Anyway.. I hear the garbage guys doing their thing outside, so I’ll get the cans in a bit.

And hopefully today won’t end up being short like yesterday.. heat zapped me and mom, so an early night it was for us both. I was wiped out from this and that and that shopping in the heat the hardware store outside place where the soil and stuff were. I think it all kinda wiped out mom, too.

Skip dinner because I was cleaned up and asleep at a bit after 5, my body was thankful for it this morning. I just hope today has more to it than shopping at the hardware store and sleep, because it wore me out.

We did have a nifty stop at the resale shop before the hardware store, I got a few rolls of yarn for a great price, so that was a great thing yesterday for me.

My resale haul..

Yarn, a book, a movie.. Agnes got the yarn, I got the book and movie. Not a bad resale haul for $11!

We also did a bakery stop for food (see pic).. then resale, then hardware store.

And we got lots of dirt for planting stuff, finishing my sealing the bottom of the gate, and a couple things for this and that. Today will have a lot on the to do list, but the rain outside will decide what gets done.

But it’s early still, the house is quiet, and I’m not going to push anything to get Luna awake and barking like mad.

So I’ll keep busy with watching more Highlander: The Series and crochet, and see where today goes when everyone is awake and ready to do whatever.


Rain later

That’s what Alexa tells me, the forecast say, what I feel in my bones.. lots of rain is on the way. Lots of rain over the next week, it’s just a matter of who you ask to see when it’s coming.. different forecasts/times with everyone, it’s that kind of fun.

Last night was an early one for mom and I. We were both wiped out around 9, so she and Luna went thru way and I went mine. Lots of yardwork in the heat out there yesterday, it looks great, so sleep was earned.

Mom did a lot of work with arranging stuff, rocks and pulling weeds/mess by the back corner of the house, by the hydrangea that was planted the other day, and it looks great. I did weeding and had the idea to use dirt/soil to build up the ground under the back fence.. it’s loose and something Luna could slip out if she tried hard enough, as well as something could slip in if it tried hard enough.

Here’s the back fence with the dirt added under about half of the length. It wasn’t exactly planned ahead, so I just had to use what bags we had that were going to be used for other stuff. But mom saw the plan I had and told me to use what was there, that we can just get more dirt/soil to finish the fence and whatever else had been planned.

Now we need more dirt, grass seed, sod for other lawn areas, and all kinds of yard stuff. But as I said, lots of rain is coming this week, so we need to work around that and the heat that limits my ability to help for any length of time. We’ll figure it out and make it work. 😎

Lots of ice packs and breaks to cool down will help me deal with it. Thanks to MS, I’m more one to do work out there in the winter, which I know I will be doing. But with ice, AC, and baps as needed, I can help where MS doesn’t want me to. And yes, I become a sweaty mess, kinda the reason jobs have let me go when the temps go up, but at home, it’s all good to look like a mess.

Today’s watering will be held off because of said rain. I don’t want to water just to have it rain.. that was enough the other day. So I will hold off there and get the rest of the day going.

Mom’s still sleeping, and she said yesterday that she wants to get the sod and dirt and stuff before the rain today.. she wants to get things done, and being who she is, she will get them done when she wants, not when the weather wants.

So for now I’ll do this and that, and when it’s time to get moving, we shall move and do whatever we need to do.

So for now, we breathe, watch more Highlander, and drink coffee to help with waking.

More playing with dirt is later. 🤗


And it’s Monday again

When Luna barks good morning as I go to feed hungry cats, I know it’s going to be one of those days. She’s usually still asleep at 6 am, but today she was all ready to scream at the cats calling for food.

I fed the cats, Luna stopped, I’m sure she woke mom, which I’m sure wasn’t something she enjoyed. But if Luna was up, maybe mom was, too. Maybe it was another night of little sleep for them. I hope not, I hope they got sleep.

But yes, that would just make it another wonderful reason to love Mondays so much. Just blah.

It is Monday, whether I like it or not. Laundry, cleaning, all that jazz awaits, but just not yet. I’ll hold off on any disturbing the peace until I know mom’s up and about. Luna’s quiet now, and I’ll keep it that way as long as I can. So ssshhhhhhh….

I fed the cats, watered outside, got coffee, and now tv and interwebs until it’s time for more.

I’m just hoping it doesn’t pull a yesterday and rain now that I’ve watered, that was fun. Yesterday, after I watered and write the entry, I took a nap and woke to rain. I felt it and knew it was eminent, so I wasn’t shocked, just had to laugh at it happening after I watered.

But today’s another Monday, I just hope it’s not manic, no one needs that.


Happy National Ice Cream Day!

National Ice Cream Day 2020 is today!! So ice cream went in the hot coffee to cool it down. Not the first time I’ve done it, but it’s what I got if for, and today is definitely a day for it.

It’s just now 5am, and it’s 80 out there according to my phone. The sun isn’t up yet, and it’s 80.. today isn’t going to be fun outside for me dealing with the heat if I help with more planting/yard work.

Yesterday I helped, weeding, moving bags and pots of dirt, watering… it wasn’t easy, lots of cooling packs and stuff, plus occasional breaks to cool down, but I made it. I then took a nap around 6:30, fully planning to wake for dinner.. I woke at 4am to hungry cats at my door.

Yeah, 6:30 to 4.. I was drained! More than I realized. I missed mom’s call and text about dinner, but I’m sure she figured I was asleep from all the yard work out there.

Mom got the hydrangea bush planted by the north east corner of the house, it looks great, and when it gets bigger, it will be wonderful. 🙂

It just took lots of digging, moving stones, planting it filling in with dirt from the pots, and giving it some water to get going. And that was all mom.

I just helped here and there, brought done stuff over, and did weed pulling with the help of a flat head screwdriver..

My weed popper. 😎

I’ll see how much watering I need to do this morning when the sun gets up a little higher. It’s still nice and dark out there, so I don’t know how much of the possible rain we got last night. Yesterday’s humidity alone told me it was coming, the forecast said it as well, I just don’t know what we got because I was asleep.

For now, coffee, Highlander: The Series, more uploading stuff to backup on my Google drive, and making myself actually fully awake.

Yesterday was long because of that heat. Today has some rain coming around 11am, but we’ll see what does happen. High of 84 today, so a bit cooler, but I’m going to not push it like I did yesterday.. I’m sure I lost about 5 pounds worth of sweat alone.. 😉

Anyway… Let’s see how things outside look do I can water before it gets warmer.