38 out there

And I love it! That stupid heat nonsense is gone for a few months, and it’s great for me and any others who can’t deal with it. Nice and cold. Yay!

That possible snow thing Monday night showed up on the forecast again, and again it’s gone now. Iowa got snow, Minnesota got snow, Colorado is getting snow that will help calm find fires, so that’s great.. but my snow is hiring from me still. It will be here soon, though, I’ll just need to wait.

Mom finished her counter/table last night! It looks great and fits just like she wanted. It just ended bring more work and more frustration than she foresaw, but it’s done now.

All we need to do is finish cleaning the messes that were made as it was built, then put it to use. To eat breakfast and have coffee as you look out into the backyard and cemetery back there. Watch for a zombie uprising and you drink coffee.

Today will see brining some stuff to my sister, so a couple hours of drive time is ahead. A quick hello as stuff is dropped off and we stay socially distant and all. Maybe some this and that while we’re out (stopping to pick up various things), then I did hear mom say yesterday that it’s time to get a load together to go to resale. The resale place is closed tomorrow, so maybe more garage cleaning and some yard stuff that still waits to be done.

At worst, we could each go a little of this and that while the other does something else. Like me doing yard stuff since I love the cold and her getting stuff straight/cleaned out in the garage. We’ll see.

Not too much else really. Caught up on Star Trek: Discovery now, next is Picard and all the other Trekkie fun out there. Then movies I got on dvd, then a nice James Bond marathon, watching the movies in order with the use of the various streaming platforms they are available on.

And it’s Halloweek! Halloween week.. lol. Yeah. Halloween is Saturday. Mom’s bd is Saturday. Aunt J’s bd is next Monday, and I’m Wednesday next week. Bd fun is ahead.. yay!!

Steaming church at 9:30, running off with stuff to deliver after that, then back here for everything else. And yes, lots of crochet as we drive and as the rest of today happens. I just feel the need to get more scarves made with the lots of yarn that begs to be used.

Back to the scarf.


Leaf time

More leaves outside of my door, so I just collected them. The last couple days were leafless because of the rain, bug I knew leaves would be there today because of lack of rain.

And the four bags of leaves from the yard are still sitting on the curb waiting to be taken. As well as the neighbor’s leaf bags. Sitting. Waiting. Needing collection just like would gave normally happened on Thursday, but this year is anything but normal, so they will just wait until taken. And if it’s much longer, I’ll just dump the bags in the backyard and line them along the fence, like what we usually do, I just wanted to give the first load of leaves to the city for compost use. We’ll see what happens.

I did get the fence stuff along the bottom in back done yesterday, like right after I wrote the last entry. It was dry enough, I got it done, took a nap, and it was pouring when I got up.. so I did it at the right time.

Errands happened after that, then work on the table/counter upstairs. And that was yesterday. Add laundry to clean shorts that will be sitting unused for a few months and a walk for an ancy dog who needed it, and there’s the day really.

Today has had cat feeding, getting pretty, making a pot of coffee, getting me coffee, some crochet, some leaf collecting, and this and that. I did what was needed, and now a nap sounds like a plan. Then the sending trains via USPS, maybe taking the resale stuff in.. I’ll suggest it, it’ll be a quick stop and open room in the garage, more table work upstairs, and we’ll get to see what else is in store.

I’m still waiting on the replacement stamps for the order of stamps from early last month. They should be here by now, but if course they aren’t. All I know is I want them so I can send out cards and stuff. I also know I’ll never order stamps online again, this has been a mess. And the tracking of the original order still says they are last seen in Chicago on Sept 14 and that the 3 day investigation is still ongoing. Like I said, a mess.

Season 2, ep 11 of ST: Discovery now, after Discovery, I have more minutes to watch, more stuff to stream, and next month has a lot of new stuff coming to different streaming services. 🤗

I love my cold weather, so I’ll leave the window open for a cool breeze as I stick inside crocheting away as I watch this and that. I’ll be distanced while I need to be, so it’s out of need, not because I’m withdrawn… Yeah. 😉



Dropping temps

Yesterday’s high of 78 wasn’t my favorite, bug temps dropping since then has been ok with me. And it’ll keep dropping until it hits 38 tomorrow morning at 6 am. Nice and frosty cold, just the way I like it. 12 days until my bd and the weather is getting in shape, I just wish that snow forecast didn’t vanish on me.

Yesterday had this and that, helping mom with stuff, something falling and roughing up my left ankle.. it’s ok, just hurt like heck and will likely be red and blue if/when I unwrap it to put on a fresh wrap.

The neighbor’s b.i.l. stopped by and looked at what mom wants done with the throne area by the front door. Said he can do it, but likely after the first of the year. He’s not doing it as a professional, just as a guy doing/helping to get extra money to help with his kids in college.

The debate last night.. I just want the election over and Trump gone. I’ve said my piece, let us move on.

So.. today will see more work with the table/counter upstairs, maybe getting back to the garage cleaning stuff, and me doing the fence stuff I didn’t get to yesterday because the lawn was too wet to do the kneeling on I’d need to do to attach the stuff. Maybe more, j just don’t know right now.

All I do know now is my cool weather is here!! I love it. Now just give me snow and things will be better. 🌨️☃️

Let’s go look at the fence stuff and see what I can do.


Teasing me with snow

That’s what the weatherbug app is doing, reading me. Again showing chances of snow for next week last night, but nothing the next morning (now). I want to see snow! I want snow for my birthday!

That was last night.. teasing me.aybr it’s telling me it will be an overnight snow because it shows up at night. Hmmm….

Today is scheduled to hit a high of 76. Plans are to get car seat covers in the car, I want to put the fence bottom stuff on while the weather is more condusive to it, then maybe taking a good load to the resale shop, and maybe a peak inside, as well as more work on the table thing upstairs, garage cleaning maybe, and who knows what else. A full day lies ahead.

76 today, 60 tomorrow, 47 sat, 46, 45, 44.. with lows hitting around 30. Dk we know what this means? Dehydration time draws near! Letting the dehydrator run overnight as open windows let cool air in to counter the heat being made. 🤗

I’ll need to go through what I have already made, look at what I need, and decide if I really need to do more than maybe fruit roll ups with apple sauce and the diced fruit cups I’ve got that are asking to be dehydrated. Maybe I can continue to go through what I made earlier this year and just wait to do more apples and such until maybe next year. We’ll see how it really goes though.

For now, more Star Trek: Discovery and crochet. The afghan I’ve been working on for a couple months is nearing completion! The maybe more scarves for Christmas gifts that may be needed.

Yesterday saw a nap right after I said it was time to just keep going, then I got taken on a trip to Menard’s, Walgreens, Gloria Jean’s, then home to wait for the neighbor’s brother in law to look at some work in the house mom wants done. But the visit by the neighbor’s bil didn’t happen, we figure miscommunication somewhere, no big thing. It’s kind of those things that’s not needed NOW, do it’s all good.

Today will likely see a nap in a bit, then the stuff I talked of above. Likely other stuff thrown in, but we get to wait to see what else.

Maybe I’ll throw in some laundry and put stuff back in the Hobbit Hole if taken out yesterday to allow the neighbor’s bil to take a look at stuff. Then nap, then everything else all at once.

But for now.. dreams of snow..


And just like that, my snow hopes were squashed

I got this screen capture last night to share my excitement on fb, but forgot to because I was doing this and that at the same time. I was having big hopes of seeing snow come next week. But now, those hopes are gone, as the forecast no longer has chances of snow. It has frozen mix chances Tuesday night, but we know that won’t be much.

No snow next week, another slow day, and 76 for a high tomorrow, and lots ir rain. That’s today in a nutshell. My knees sing of oncoming rain because it’s so humid outside, thanks to the oncoming rain, so I’m not going to do much more than crochet and binge watch more Star Trek: Discovery.

I’ll do more of the giving mom a hand with stuff as needed, but aside from that, I’m really trying to figure out why I don’t surrendered and just crawl back into bed. This would be a good day to sleep and all, but I would get any crochet done, Star Trek watched, and whatever else I can do while up and about.

I’ve spent time bring unable to do whatever when MS wants to be a punk, before HSCT, when life gets just too full at once. So I’ll enjoy life not being too much just now, me being able to do whatever, and actually go whatever. Just get more coffee going to get the energy to do odd things like take a bike ride because I can.

MS is my bitch, it won’t control me! It may limit this and that and keep me disabled and not able to hold down a job, but I’ll go what I can.

Anyway.. let’s make today a good one. 🤗



Star Trek: Discovery is rocking the tv time for me. I’m on season one, episode 6 just now. I’m liking it, a lot.

After Discover, it’ll be Picard time, then anything else I can find. The trekkie in me needs more!! Star Trek, Star Wars.. sci-fi of all kinds!! I need it all!!

I just need to make more time in the day to watch/read/take in all I want to. If only there were a way to feed it all to my brain as I slept. That technology isn’t here yet, so I’ll have to stick with what we do have with us.

Star Trek binging for me as I help with whatever when asked, more garage sorting and stuff, more getting shelves and countertop all good, maybe a hardware store trip for wood putty and stuff.. I think today may look a lot like yesterday. I know it won’t be exactly, but the to do list and all is the same. Except for the laundry part, that was a yesterday thing.

Anyway, the Christmas thing is looking more and more dim. With projected covid stuff continuing, keeping at home instead of with loved ones may be the best choice. So maybe some stuff distributed by mail, maybe some taken to houses and dropped of by a quick gift exchange, just not anything like the usual.

That kind of makes the crochet gift thing a little less NEEDING to be finished and added to, beyond all that I have already made, that is. I have more than enough, so the slow crochet of late is of no impact on anything. I’ll just probably have more to hold on to than foreseen, and that’s not a bad thing, it just is.

11 days to Halloween/mom’s birthday, 13 until Aunt J’s birthday, 15 until my birthday. I need to get bd cards and such together still. Meaning I need to go into the Hobbit Hole and pull out what I put aside for that purpose. Stuff that I put there to keep safe while life is life.. are things moving that fast, or is it just me? This quarantine has been dragging the last few months, but now everything seems to be going faster. Of maybe it’s the coffee kicking in now that makes it feel that way. 😉 I think a little of both.

So let me get a pot of coffee going, see what’s up with the daily leaf mess outside of my door, see what else awaits, and get today going. And yes, more Star Trek: Discovery.

Peace and long life,


Just don’t want to move

That was kind of my thought as I woke and tried to get back to sleep. It didn’t work though, I got up, fed hungry cats, got ready for the day, and did some quick cleaning. And now I just really want to crawl back into bed and sleep for a couple days.

Coffee kicking in and helping me to wake up isn’t a quick thing today. Last night, I had a plan to take a nice walk in the 41° outside this morning.. but my body says otherwise. It just wants to do nothing, let fatigue win and sleep all week. And just now, I’m almost ready to accept the challenge and go back to sleep.

But I do know mom wants to get to the hardware store for some stuff, then some more garage cleaning/straightening, as well as kitchen upstairs straightening and getting shelves just right.

The shelves in the kitchen area I spoke of…

They look good, and the idea is a toaster oven on one side and microwave on the other, which will free up counter space all wonderfully like. And the butcher block countertop you see is like a table that will be put against the back wall there and have seating to eat at and look outside… into the cemetery.. and watch for zombies. 😉

Yeah, the coffee is starting to work. I feel almost alive.. yay!

I’ve got the Hellboy reboot playing now, then the plan is to catch up on all of the new Star Trek stuff I missed the last few months/years as life was being life. Discovery, Picard, animated stuff.. and the news that DS9 may get started back up has me excited enough to maybe do some binging of TNG and DS9. Hmmm.. so much Star Trek, the teenage me would soooo love it! Star Trek and Star Wars up the ying yang, as I said, teenage me would be in heaven.

Anyway.. hardware store in a bit, then work on stuff, then get laundry going, do other stuff.. get today done.

Ok, let’s get things ready to go here and there, then do this and that.


Lots of stuff

That’s what cleaning a garage gets you, a whole lot of stuff. Yes, a lot to toss, but s lot to hold on to, to give to goodwill, to pass on to relatives… To do a lot with.

The small garage, the shop, is maybe 1/2 done. It was first a lot to just sort and clean. Then it was moving boxes here and there to see what else there was. Then the moving this to that room to go through later, that into the goodwill pile, this over here, and that into the garage.

And yes, a bunch of D stuff, namely train sets. He was big on trains, so he had a few sets.

Thus is just most of it. There is more, trust me. And these will be sorted and passed on to family.

There’s more train stuff, more this and that, all stuff that’s being gone through slowly because of emotions/memories and all. We’re just getting through more as we clean this now, so it works.

I’d say it looks like Christmas gifts will have extra, but I don’t know how Christmas is going to go exactly this year, with the covid stuff and all. Heck, Thanksgiving will not be the usual family all together festivity. The covid thing is just making a mess of so much.

Christmas will probably see stuff bring sent by mail for a lot of folks, but I’m not one. I’m still waiting on stamps I got way last month. Tracking has them still in Chicago, since Sept 14. The looking into it thing was a three working day thing since the 31st. I called to talk to someone and the call got dropped. I finally got an email to customer service for USPS.. finding thaf address wasn’t easy. I was told that another stamp order should go out within 24 hours, and 3 to 5 days shipping. So I’m thinking that they should get here Wednesday at best.

That’s why I made sure to take my absentee ballot to a drop, not mail. I see stories in the news about ballots getting thrown out by letter carriers, and I’m more certain taking the ballot in was a good call. The mail system’s been extra goofy lately, so I’m just bring careful.

Today will see more cleaning of the shop, lots of the 5000 flat head screwdrivers and other stuff we have too many multiples of going to the goodwill pile, and the shelves being put up for storage of what we’re keeping.

I’m sure today will have more, but right now that sounds like enough. Slow day with rain in the forecast.. that’s today.

Back to movie watching. Ocean’s 13 just now, streaming mass at 9:30, Transylvania 6-5000 after that, cleaning, more cleaning..


And reality says hello

Reality slapped a great big hello on me yesterday. I saw my dad’s parents’ place for sale. One of those “yes you are getting older and the past is in the past” type things. It was bound to happen, I just wasn’t expecting it.

I was having fun with a what’ll I do with a winning lotto ticket. So I looked at houses for sale in Tinley Park, and the fifth house I see has a familiar address. I googled the names to double check, and yes it was their house.

I didn’t know the place as well as my mom’s folks place we used to live next to, bug I have memories of family holiday gatherings there, swimming in the pool that used to be in the back yard, all that kind of stuff. So looking at the pics and seeing the changes that were made by whoever bought it to flip it kinda made me remember more than I first thought on seeing the listing.

Life keeps going, even if you’re not looking at it. This is just another sign of that.

I’m not going to win lottery, so getting that nifty place by 163rd and Oak Park won’t happen, bug it was a nice thought to fall asleep to.

So the voting yesterday went fine, mom and I brought in our absentee ballots, and both felt a lot of stress lifted. Of course, now we get the stress of waiting for the outcome of the election. But that’s not something we can control as easily as getting our vote in.

After that was hardware store for shelf brackets to put in the shop, to put up shelves for stuff as we sort through things and decide what goes and what stays. More of the going through memory stuff and all that jazz.

Oh.. I got the coffee mug rack mounted on the wall and looking pretty.

Yes, it’s tucked into a corner, but it’s not by a door that could smash the mugs. And it’d actually look better next to the smaller dresser I used to have in here, but then I’d be back to having less room for clothes and stuff. So aside from putting it by the bed, which puts things in danger of late night accidental hits from me turning or whatever. This works just like I was thinking when T happened to ask about bd present ideas. 🤗

So yes, today will actually have us doing the shop cleaning thing. Other stuff kinda happened first, bug that’s how it works, right?

Ok, the possibility of getting that place in Tinley keep going through my mind. It may well be a miniscule chance of me winning in the first place, but let’s give it a chance and go get a Power Ball ticket. And if I win, I can put a new pool in the backyard, for memory’s sake and because I know heat intolerance will love the cool pool in the summer.

Anyway, a healthy walk for exercise and grab a lotto ticket. Then the rest of the day when things get going. It’s 37° out there now, perfect weather for me to take a walk.


Voting time

Just filled out the absentee ballot, it will be brought to the early voting place with a drop box for them later. Then we get to wait. Wait until some time on my birthday (11/4, the day after election day this year) to find out how things went. For all we know it could be a few days after that. We remember the fun in 2016.

But now..

Fun sticker enclosed with the ballot.

As for the rest of today.. I’m not sure. We did the sister boards to help support the deck thing yesterday, so today may have a whole lot of cleaning out the shop, the smaller garage attached to the house, the one full of lots of stuff.

I’m sure we’ll do some errands when we take in out ballots, things like Walgreens and such for whatever, maybe hardware store for stuff to help with sorting and such.

All I do know is that it’s 33° out there and I love it!! No more sweating because of heat intolerance for a few months, and it’s great. Being a real human again. Yay!!

So yeah. Vote, clean, clean, whatever else. There’s the day. Maybe a bike ride and Luna walk in there as well, to enjoy the coolness.


My 50’s are here!

The weather is back to being on my side, and I love it! A couple days in the 60’s next week, but it’s 50’s weather and below for a while.. a while that I am going to enjoy actually being able to exist without needing ac or ice packs or cooling towels.

48 out there now, my window is open to let cool air in, and I’m loving it!! Tomorrow morning at this time will be 28°.. 28!! So much more friendly than that stupid summer heat nonsense. The summer people out there, the sun bathers and beach folk, they may love the heat and all, but I’m not one of them.

Back in my element with the cooler weather. Kinda why I want to run away to northern Wisconsin or even Canada if my lotto ticket comes in, for the cooler weather. Probably won’t happen, but we’ll see what does.

Flatliners is my current movie playing. I found the blu-ray for like $7.50, and the dvd was a little more, do I went for blu-ray.

And as I watch it, I remember the joys of the time it came out, 1990. Mullets, cassette tapes, vhs.. I see them in the movie and remember the fun of it all.

The fun as I was having a hell of a time trying to figure out life, my place in it, what I was supposed to be doing.. all of that growing up fun stuff. It was just more of a confusing mess for me.

And when I thought I’d figured out what to do and all.. MS pops up and tells me that no, I’m not going to do what I had planned, I’m going to deal with this pain in the arse disease that could have ended me had I not gotten HSCT.

*Deep breath*

Back to today.

Rain outside says we’ll likely do that and this inside. Maybe some outside stuff after the rain. Mom wants to get the outside stuff done before the cool weather makes plants die/go into hibernation.

Oh yeah.. this is set in Chicago. There’s the el. 🙂 The green line even. I miss the el, the cta, public transportation. But the quiet is a trade I suppose.

Yesterday, Luna got a nice long walk while mom went to get new glasses. She enjoyed it, and I got pictures. It was great for us both.

After glasses, the edger return yesterday went a bit off course. No receipt could be found, so a store credit for I’m guessing the lowest sale price lately. That’s what it was at the first job, no receipt got the lowest sale price in the last 90 days. So now we’ll get the higher power edger in the spring, rather than get it to let it sit for the cooler weather/winter.

Speaking of winter and cool weather, the heat is on. I just gave my vents closed. Let cool air in, keep my room comfy for me. It’ll probably end up like last year.. winter with 55 or so in my room as the dehydrator does its magic, 70 in the rest of the house, and 20’s outside.

It’s cool out there, I can look ahead to winter and not be as far off as dreaming of it mid-July. 🤗

Its cool out there, I love it!

Let’s go fo today’s cleaning of leaves outside my door. Got it yesterday, now today.. so on for the next few months and the leaves fall. 🍁🍂


Tomorrow tomorrow, cool weather will be here tomorrow

Weather I can deal with! Not need an ice pack to do anything outside in, not need ac to feel human (not a melting mess).. it’ll be great! For me that is, there are those who would rather have it warm, but I’ve always liked the cooler side of things, and now I have a medical reason for it.

And hey, it’ll save money on AC. The cooler weather, that is. It’s always been easier to keep warm than to cool down, kinda how the AC people can charge so much for their stuff.

Anyway.. we didn’t get to bringing the edger back yesterday, too much other stuff, like naps and repairs and such inside, like magnets to hold the barn doors shut of the current store room of lots of furniture and clothes. And a dinner run to DQ.. ice cream for mom and a bacon ranch chicken sandwich for me.

The garbage guy just took the load we had for him. Lots of autumn cleaning stuff from the garage and around the house. Stuff like 30 year old coolers that have seen better days and drawers from dressers long gone that were once used for storage in the garage, but just needed to go now. Not as much as our spring cleaning loads that went to the garbage or Goodwill/resale, but it gave more room and openness to the garage.

And now there’s Buffy! Kristie Swanson, the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Swamp Shark.

Its movie two on disk two of the shark film thing I got at Menard’s. Shark fun! Gotta love it.

Fixing the balcony, last watering of stuff outside before I just stop for the season because of the temps, maybe some cleaning of the inner garage, definitely some this and that around the house.. lots to do, just a matter of when and how soon to go whatever it is.

74 for a high today, 56 tomorrow! I’m beyond ready for cool weather. This has been a heck of a year so far, and bring able to get out and walk/bike ride to clear my mind about whatever more easily will be great.

Now let’s get through today, and bd find with this warm weather nonsense.


Ghost shark

And yes, it’s about as cheesy as the pic looks. Yup, cheesy shark movie time! I got a 7 pack of them on dvd at Menard’s the other day, and it’s time to watch them. I just hope they aren’t all cheesy like this. I can do with not quite blockbuster quality and all, but this one is almost purposefully cheesy with overacting and bad acting.

Yeah, it’s dvd binging part two, for the month, that is. More new stuff and a couple of DVDs that T sent a couple months ago.

It’s been one of those summers you keep busy to be busy and not thinking too much. The whole D passing thing is still surreal. Kinda why we’ve been keeping busy. That and it’s stuff that needs to be done anyway.

We’ve got some boards to sister in with the middle beam supporting the deck, it needed a lot of rotten stuff removed, so adding strength is needed. And then I think we’re pretty much done outside for the year. Weather will be dropping soon and working outside won’t be as much fun for anyone not me.

Which will mean going through the shop/1 car garage attached to the house to clean and straighten up. Lots of stuff to go through, surely a good amount destined for Goodwill, and just a lot to remember as we sort through things.

Oh, we also have the edger that needs to be returned to home depot. It started smoking the other day when I was using it, mom looked it up, and it’s some kind of defect that others have reported. So back it will go. We’ve got the original box and all, so I hope it won’t be a problem.

Mom then wants to get a high powered edger, because it’ll get use (by me) and be worth the investment. And that’s the plan after she gets back from a couple hours of sister time with Aunt J. They both kinda need it, life’s been full got everyone lately, so I’m glad to see a breath being taken, as it were.

When things cool down, I think a walk around the square with mom and Luna might be in order. To get out, explore, and take a minute to enjoy life. We’ll see.

When mom and Aunt J head out, it’ll be me cleaning this and that time.. vacuuming, dishes, straighting stuff out, whatever else. Stuff that’s do much easier to do when Luna isn’t in protect mom mode. And hey, Luna might even get a walk if she’s nice.

Then the Depot trip, whatever else, and maybe checking out the garage/shop a bit.

Speaking of Home Depot trip, I should get the edger and box together and ready for taking back. No rush, just something while I think about it.

Mississippi River Shark is next. 🦈 A Syfy original, so I’m not counting on Oscar worthy stuff, but maybe some nice fun.


Come on Thursday, bring me those 50’s!

68 today, 70 tomorrow, 71 Wed, then the 50’s are here! Autumn will be officially here as far as weather, and I will love it! Jeans, bike rides, changing leaves.. it will be glorious! No more effing heat I can’t deal with because if MS heat intolerance. Well, not for a few months, that is.

Cooler air will bring me needing icy/hot to shut up my knees so I can get to sleep at night. They just get all over testy about the changing humidity, anc since cooler weather usually has more humidity, the screaming knees are a pain. They’re screaming now because I’m paying too much attention to them as I write this, so I think I’ll start icy/hot season now, well, the Walgreens equivalent of icy/hot… Save money while I’m at it.

Laundry will get going in a bit, then I’ll run off with mom and Luna to a vet appointment. Maybe some more garage cleaning and sorting after that.

Yesterday’s garage cleaning got a lot of stuff to toss, to clean up, to sort and put in a better place. Clean and straightened out much better now, that’s the way it’s supposed to be, right?

We’ll start with the garage attached to the house, “the shop”, later. Lots of tools and stuff in there, so it’ll be a few days worth of cleaning there. And lots of stuff to sort, toss some, some stuff for goodwill/resale, stuff to pass on to other family members who could maybe use it.

Then as the weather gets cooler and staying outside to work doesn’t happen/isn’t needed as much, I’m sure we can get to things like fixing the carpet in the downstairs hall that’s coming up. And I’m sure there’s other stuff that needs doing. Can’t keep still and get bored, right?

Cool weather ahead, vet and garage cleaning, more and more.. who wants to stay still and get rest? You can sleep when you’re dead, right?

Ok, laundry then water stuff outside for now.


Moving stuff around, church via streaming, other stuff in a bit

There’s my day so far and the rest of it. I bought a couple The Child Funko Pops I found on Amazon that I didn’t have yet. Then I found them cheaper on eBay and bought them that way. Then I moved stuff around in my room to make room for more Pops and whatever else.

As I said in the title, I did streaming Mass. The whole thing still seems really surreal, like something out of a Twilight Zone episode almost. But with all the covid stuff going on, I’m glad it’s there to help. Something that would have gotten laughs 20 years ago, but here it is, now reality.

And now we do lunch and breathe for a bit, then help mom outside with this and that. She’ll finish the fence, the parts close to the house that she wanted to get, just so I didn’t accidentally mess up.. I’d she does, she won’t be mad at anyone but herself. We may begin garage cleaning and sorting after that. It needs to be done, and with rain coming tomorrow, it’ll be something we can do as it rains.

Beyond laundry and garage stuff tomorrow, I dunno what else lay ahead.. aside from helping with whatever today. There’s a lot to do, it’s just a matter of what’s next.

Let’s see how today’s going to unfold.


Great big box

Delivery #1 for today, and I got it in a big box. The box was needed, so whatever, and I can reuse it, so bonus on that.

I know the bed isn’t made, I woke, fed cats, got coffee, watered stuff outside, and the Amazon delivery arrived as I was watering. The bed looks all purty now, so life can go on.

Yesterday’s initial plan to stay in and avoid the heat didn’t quite happen. I gave mom help here and there, mowed the lawn, and so on, as I said in the last entry.

Today may actually have done sticking inside, it all depends on how high the temp will get out there. My phone says 76, Alexa says 80.. so we’ll see how far things outside will get.

My plan is to do some last Christmas gift picking from my crochet stash, put most of it in the Hobbit Hole to wait another few months until things cond out for distribution and making people happy and warm.

Yes, I also see the irony in my not being able to deal with heat because of MS, and crocheting to make things to keep one warm. Life all about making sense like that, right?

So more stuff into the closet under the stairs, finish up some Christmas stuff, help with a couple things outside maybe, walk Luna, nap, look at my absentee ballot I got in the mail yesterday and get it all filled out. Maybe some other stuff, but I think that’ll be my day.

Ooo.. I’m watching Darkman, and the cars and old cell phone with wires to the big battery pack date the movie. I’ve always loved seeing things in a movie like that, stuff that shows the time it was made without needing to search the end credits, or look it up.

Anyway, let’s get breakfast and coffee done, the Christmas crochet thing done, then onto whatever else today has in store.

Oh, and make the bed pretty.


Coffee mug rack is complete! Yay!

That was my plan once I saw the rack on Amazon, and when T asked me about bc ideas as I was planning, I had to ask for it. My mugs are hanging up, looking all nifty and stuff. I just need to get the board itself hung, to make it look a bit better, but that plan for sidetracked by lawn mowing.

Yes, 81 outside and I mowed. It was peer pressure I tell you, the neighbors on both sides mowed, so I had to, we need to blend in so we don’t look different, this is suburbia, we must do as the others do. Honestly, I just wanted it out of the way. It’ll be the last, if not one of the last times mowing is needed before things stop and go into hibernation for the winter.

Today was 81, tomorrow 75, Sunday 73, a few days in the 60s, then the 50s for highs kick in along with the 60s! I’m excited about being able to spend actual time outside and be comfortable as I do. Time for longer walks, bike rides, nice walks with Luna.. autumn weather will actually be here!!

But it doesn’t look like it’ll be a white Halloween this year. It was great last year, but we’ve got a long range forecast of 55 on Halloween, and with the covid mess this year, I don’t know how much truck or treating there will be.

That’s really all I’ve got today. Coffee mug rack, lawn mowing, helping mom with a couple things around the house, some vacuuming I squeezed in while Luna’s outside with mom, and the dog hair I got told me it was needed. And that’s been today. Clean, mow, mug rack.. yep.

Speaking of coffee.. I could use some just now.


Getting up so I can breathe

Sinuses all acting up because of the humidity outside, so I had to get up and get a sudafed to dry it up so I can breathe. The joys of getting old.. blah.

Stair painting yesterday went well. It went long and hot.. only a high of 76, but when the sun is glaring down on you like that, if feels like more. I got most of it done, but between me on the stairs and mom on the underside of the balcony, we used up both gallons of stain.

And it was at that point we called it a day, as we were both drained and the sun was setting. Hardware store run and another gallon in the morning was the idea.

I cleaned up and called it a day. It was all of 7:30 and I was turning in because I’d have fallen asleep doing whatever if I kept going. 😴

I did get a coat of primer on the plywood sheet I’ll mount the coffee mug rack on. But that was after I stopped painting and before I called it a day. I also got some silver paint in the mailbox post that needed it. Both will need more.. the post another coat, the plywood a coat on the other side. Both of which I’ll go after the sun comes out.

Paint, paint more, maybe take a walk, then the hardware store, more painting, then some chalkboard paint on the plywood, then call it a day.

Yes, I got chalkboard paint to make the coffee mug rack more fun. It’ll be on a board you can take/leave notes on.. it’ll be fun. 🤗 I’ll take pics when it’s all together and stuff.

Now I can breathe, the sun’s not up yet though, so I’ll watch whatever until I can go out and paint a bit.

And lots of coffee, always lots of coffee to keep on keeping on.


Balcony done

Fresh coat of paint/stain on there, and it looks great!

As we can see in picture two, there’s a bush growing right there and not leaving much room to get the south side of the balcony. The first thought was to just get it from the top, but I squeezed between the bush and balcony and got it after doing the front of it all.

Mom got the top/inside, I got the outside/what the world sees as they drive past the house. It worked out and we were both drained when we were done. As if that’s a surprise, right?

Anc those are pics I just took. Yesterday things were moved anc a sheet of plastic was put down to catch any drips.

Today’s got a plan to get to the hardware store for more stain for the back staircase, I’ll grab a can of black spray paint for a board I’m going to mount a coffee mug rack on, that way I can move/hang the rack/board more easily than if it we’re just had rack.. I’ll show pics when it’s all good. And then to paint the stairs.

Oh, I also got a second and third coat of white on the lamppost in front. It needed that much to look good, there were spots that were soaking up the paint and needing more. So now a pretty white lamppost to go with the pretty black mailbox I painted. 🙂

So when things get moving today, we’ll be oot and aboot, then getting that staircase done.

The weather is right to get the painting done, so we are while we can. It may have warmed a bit more than I want, but we kinda need if for the painting. And next week it’ll drop back down, I’ll be happy, life will keep on keeping on… And stuff.

Lots more paint, and tonight will be a sleep well earned.


When the headache says rise

Yup, a fun morning when a headache tells me I need to get up and take something to make it go away. I’d say maybe oncoming rain, but there’s none in the forecast for like the next week. So, it’s just the fun of all of these headaches that MS sends my way.. stupid MS screwing up the wiring in my brain, and even though HSCT in 2001 stopped anything new from happening, I still get to deal with what was done before it. Just blah.

Anyway.. today’s painting day! Paint/stain the deck and back staircase, make them all more weather resistant before the snow sets in. We’ll have to be sure to clear the snow on the deck still, but it won’t as easily damage the wood with the stain on it.

That’s scheduled to start around 10, so I can do a quick sand and paint of the light post that I didn’t get to yesterday. Life happened, I got stuff sorted for Christmas gifts, decided to be the uncle who gives cash for bd presents (so I don’t do crochet for everything), and realized I have stuff to cover gifts for a while yet, just ask the load I am going to put back in the Hobbit Hole.

So yeah, painting today, more painting, probably finish tomorrow and Thursday if we need. Just take it easy and get it right. Then get the gate finished after that. The 10 day shows we should be ok temp wise to get things done. Maybe that’s why a warning streak is coming back for s couple days, to give us painting friendly temps. It works.

Oh look, weatherbug on the laptop is working again! It was just not showing anything for a couple days, even though it was fine on the phone, but now the laptop weatherbug is back in harmony. I like when things work like they should. 🙂

Where was I? Oh, when today gets going, I’ll sand the lightpost, give it a second coat of paint, then get ready for lots of balcony and stair painting. Today and probably tomorrow will be filled with paint. 🖌️

Then maybe I’ll do deciding what to do with more afghans and stuff, like other family members, maybe donate to places, put things to good use. The afghans are made, they need to be used and loved, help keep people warm during the winter.

But for now, coffee and waking up more. Wake, sand, paint, paint more, breathe, paint more.. there’s the day today.. and maybe tomorrow, without sanding tomorrow.

Headache is managed now, thanks to Excedrin. Let’s quietly get some stuff into the Hobbit Hole, then on to sanding and painting.